Star Bone Healing

Star Bone Healing is a method for creating the opportunity to reclaim the quiet place of personal empowerment that is your birthright. It consists of a series of healing rituals that are designed to bring the soul of the participants back into alignment with the energies that are the source of life and harmonious balance. This healing method has elements of energy healing similar to Reiki, soul retrieval, and guided meditation.

Star Bone Healing is especially good for people who seek to know their shadow side so that it can be transformed into a source of strength and empowerment. It can also be helpful to people who regularly need to face difficult situations while offering help and support to others.

There are three levels/rituals in Star Bone Healing. Together they function as an interlocking set of supports that you can enter into as far as you feel comfortable. They are designed to work together like a series of ripples in water that spread a vibration gently outward, or a set of nesting dolls protecting a precious center. Each ritual works on the level of paradox and synchronicity, so it is very helpful to enter into them with a sense of wonder and an attitude of readiness to learn.

The Embrace of The Mothers is the first circle. It is a way of creating a safe and protected space for you to be present with the forces of existence (Before, After, Land, Water and Energy). It can be a powerful form of grounding, or you can go deeper with it as a place to dream, to rest, and to draw on the support of your allies. If you wish, it can also be a place to begin developing a relationship with the Mothers themselves (the sentient awareness level of the forces the ritual works with), though there is no requirement to do so in order to receive the healing.

The Stars Below Time become the second circle in this healing journey. Interaction with them can act as a way of connecting you to increased overall vitality, as a place to answer difficult questions, or as a power source for the next phase of your deepening explorations.

The Spiral Doorway is the innermost layer of Star Bone Healing. It is for those who seek the ability to initiate or respond to a major change in the way the energy of their life is flowing. It is designed to act as a portal that participants can access within the safety of the ritual structure whenever they decide to get serious about stepping into their own power.

For those new to Star Bone Healing, I suggest beginning with the Embrace of the Mothers, then following it up with the Stars Below Time after sleeping for at least 3 nights because the best place to assimilate what is learned in Star Bone Healing is through your dreams. It is better to give yourself time to fully absorb what you learn, rather than rushing through it and possibly missing something important.

Just like Reiki, Star Bone Healing is available to anyone who can make the choice to relax and receive the gifts it is capable of providing.

If you have any questions about Star Bone Healing, or if you would like to book a session, please reach out to me here. You can also explore the rates for this healing method on this page.

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