My Story

Reiki became part of my story when I booked a session to help me navigate a difficult life event. I wasn’t expecting how powerful the positive effects would be for me. That one session started me on the path to training as a practitioner and to becoming a healer. At the present time I am Reiki II attuned in Usui Lineage Reiki.

I had been doing energy work, meditation and other metaphysical practices previous to my Reiki attunement for several years. Many of these began when I was a child and deepened as I grew into adulthood.

When I was navigating some rough times as a teenager, I discovered trance drumming, and I continue to work with the healing power of rhythm and body movement. I am now a member of the Gorgon trance tradition. This is a contemporary practice based on ancient folk healing methods of song, drumming and dance from several different parts of the Mediterranean coast.

I have been drawn to the art and culture of Minoan Crete and its antecedents in what Marija Gumbutas called Old Europe since I was in Junior High. I am currently a board member and Sydaili priest in the Modern Minoan Paganism tradition, which is a practice that seeks to bring into here and now some of the ways of balance and healing that kept the Minoan culture flourishing for thousands of years while many of their neighbors descended into war and chaos.

Most of my ancestry comes from Ireland, Wales, Britain and Scotland. I have been interested in the stories of those lands since I was very young. After years of intensive personal study in Brythonic and Gaelic mythos, I was initiated into the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in 2014. I am now an Ovate Grade member. I have contributed to the Awen ac Awenydd website and anthology.

I am also an artist, photographer and filmmaker with over two decades of experience practicing and teaching these to others.

I draw from all of these experiences and streams of wisdom in the work I do with Star and Stone.

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